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In our company we believe that the design process is the most critical part of the implementation of all projects. To produce a plan that gives form to your dreams requires a holistic approach. Thus, our partners are exploring your needs, pay attention to the flexibility and functionality of spaces and form your property by proposing an optimal solution.

Responsibly undertakes the preparation of all required studies and the issue of the building license of your property.

The only guarantee for the construction of a project according to the study design is the proper supervision by highly trained scientists during construction.

Our experience in every kind of construction enables us to respond effectively to all private projects. Thus, taken consistently and responsibly the study, planning permission and supervision of projects of all kinds:

  • Houses
  • Condominium
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restoration of old Buildings

Apart from the design and supervision of your project, our company can take through its partners, developing individual studies according to your requirements:

  • Architectural Design Interior
  • landscaping
  • Digital display photorealistic spaces and buildings dimensional drawings
  • Publication of printed energy identity
  • Attestation civil engineering for buying or selling property

Construction Management

For projects of ownership, we can help to maximize the effect of observing strictly the standards you specify and respecting the specific needs and desires. Our office responsible:

  • Controlling the Project Schedule
  • Financial monitoring
  • Provide technical advice 
  • Processing paperwork
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  • P4170008
  • Εικόνα 149
  • P4170005
  • P4170015
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  • Εικόνα 150
  • P4170016
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  • B58
    Property id: B58 | Location : Kamares
    EUR 140.000
  • A249
    Property id: A249 | Location : Paroikia
    EUR 100.000
  • B36
    Property id: B36 | Location : Asteras
    EUR 280.000
  • B99
    Property id: B99 | Location : Protoria
    EUR 180.000
  • E94
    Property id: E94 | Location : Antiparos
    EUR 250.000
  • B45B
    Property id: B45B | Location : Filizi
    EUR 413.000
  • B96
    Property id: B96 | Location : Kostos
    EUR 1.000.000
  • B164
    Property id: B164 | Location : Naousa
    EUR 300.000